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Aquatic Plant & Weed Control > Aquatic Herbicides

A Specialist Solution for the Control of Submerged Aquatic Weeds

The ideal aquatic herbicide additive, Hydrogel is tailor made for submerged aquatic weed management.

Hydrogel is a new herbicide additive for Diquat (Reglone) specially developed to overcome issues associated with the control of Submerged Aquatic Weeds.

Hydrogel mix is heavier than water and sinks when applied to lakes, ponds and water-courses. It penetrates thermal layers and is less subject to drift than simple water based herbicides.

Hydrogel reduces the amount of herbicide to be used as much as 80% compared with conventional application techniques.

Hydrogel targets the weed, using less herbicide and less drift.

Mixing Rate Hydrogel and "Reglone" (diquat) for handgun aquatic weed control in freshwaters in Australia is as follows:

• Mix 250g of Hydrogel with 8 litres of clean water

• Stir well using a paint - mixing drill or similar

• When the mixture has gelled (10-15 minutes), add another 2 litres of water and mix well again.

• Do not add more Hydrogel powder.

• Add 10 litres of Reglone® herbicide and continue mixing with paint drill until the mixture has gelled (about 5-10 minutes)

• You should get 20 litres of Hydrogel Reglone® mix from this.

• Spray from a knapsack using spray gun using a coarse spray or stream.

The No. 6 nozzle tip is recommended.

• Spray weed in 1 metre strips

• For boom application and or Helicopter application. Ensure correct calibration. Equipment is required to apply 60 litres per Hectare, apply using large flat fan nozzles that provide droplets as this product will not spray through fine nozzles due to its composition Coverage should be at a standard rate of 60 litres of Hydrogel/Reglone mix per hectare.

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