Aquatic Spraying Services

Aquatic Site Maintenance specialise in identifying what herbicides are required for each individual case scenario. We offer a variety of herbicides and means of applications to best suit many types of aquatic weed.

Aquatic Site Maintenance is equipped to undertake the spraying and application of various approved chemicals and water treatments in all types of aquatic environments, including potable water storages, waste water lagoons, mining lagoons, irrigation dams, rives, marshlands and swamps. 

Applications include:

- Algae control, algaecide applications using Coptrol, suitable for use in potable water, waste water and irrigation water lagoons, as well as in lakes and dams.

- Aquatic Weed Control Herbicide applications, using specialised aquatic based herbicides targeted to the specific aquatic weed to be controlled.

- The application of water treatments for pH correction, phosphorous reduction treatments ( such as phoslock), the application of flocculants etc.      

We have specific craft available for all types of aquatic environments, including three sizes of spray boats and two amphibious craft and one all terrain vehicle.   

We can assist in determining the most suitable treatment for the specific aquatic environment, problem aquatic weed or algae and to correct various water quality issues.

Download the Aquatic Spraying services leaflet PDF

Document: Commonly Used Aquatic Herbicides for Control of Aquatic Plants & Algae in Australia 

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Aquatic Spray Boats

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Emergent Roots are anchored in the substrate with stems, leaves or flowers projecting above the water’s surface.
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Floating Attached Roots are attached to substrate. Stems, leaves or flowers may/may not be above water’s surface.
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Algae No distinguishable roots, stems or leaves.
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Free Floating Roots are not attached to substrate and float on the water’s surface.
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Submerged Growing below the water’s surface whether attached to substrate or not.
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