- Algae Identification
- Algicides
- About Algae Control
- Algae Overview
- Suppressants
- Treatments
- Ultra-Sonic Control of Algae

Aquatic Weeds-

- Azolla
- Controlling Free Floating Aquatic Weeds - How to
- Duckweed/Lemna
- Floating Attached Aquatic Weeds
- Free Floating Aquatic Weeds
- Identifying Aquatic Weeds
- Most Common Aquatic Weeds
- Overview
Submerged Aquatic Weed Porducts
- Weed ID App


- Aeration Fountains
- Aeration Systems

- Algae Skimmer
- Aquatain
- Aquatic Blue
- Aquatic Blue Eco
- Aquatic Clear Dam
- Azolla/Salvinia Skimmer
- Barley Straw Bales
- Barley Straw Extract
- Coptrol
- Dam Stop Leak
- Domestic Insect Control
- Duck Weed Skimmer 
- Free Floating Weed Control
- Free Floating Weed Preventative
- HydrogelLake Bed Aerator
- Industrial Insect Control

- Lake Mower
- LED Fountain Light Kit
- Phoslock
- Surface Mixers and Aeration Systems
- Ultra-Sonic
- Visual Display Fountain Range
- Water Bac
- Weed Rake
- Weed Razor
- Weed Razor Pro


- Aquatic Algae Control
- Aquatic Weed Harvesting
- Algaecide Application
- Amphibious Aquatic Vegetation Harvester
- Aquatic Spraying Service
- Aquatic Harvesters
- Water Testing
- Water Treatment
- Insect Control

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Emergent Roots are anchored in the substrate with stems, leaves or flowers projecting above the water’s surface.
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Floating Attached Roots are attached to substrate. Stems, leaves or flowers may/may not be above water’s surface.
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Algae No distinguishable roots, stems or leaves.
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Free Floating Roots are not attached to substrate and float on the water’s surface.
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Submerged Growing below the water’s surface whether attached to substrate or not.
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