Surface Mixers and Aeration Systems

The Evolution Floating Surface Aeration Mixers are simple and easy to install.

They are portable & relocatable & come complete with everything included, all you need to do is supply power.

Benefits • Inexpensive to purchase & run (0.7kW/h)  • Aerates up to 2,050m2 of surface area  • Operates in just 50cm of water  • Uses a standard 240v single phase power supply  • Includes motor, motor screen, float, 2 mooring stakes, 30m of mooring rope & 30m of motor cord

The Kit Includes 
• Simple plug-in operation 
• 240 volt, 15 amp single-phase floating motor with suction screen 
• Motor Float 
• Standard motor cord lengths 15m, 30m & 55m, or as ordered 
• 2 mooring stakes 
• 30m mooring rope 

image of Surface Mixers and Aeration Systems
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Emergent Roots are anchored in the substrate with stems, leaves or flowers projecting above the water’s surface.
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Floating Attached Roots are attached to substrate. Stems, leaves or flowers may/may not be above water’s surface.
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Algae No distinguishable roots, stems or leaves.
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Free Floating Roots are not attached to substrate and float on the water’s surface.
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Submerged Growing below the water’s surface whether attached to substrate or not.
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