The Aquatic Weed Razer pulls through

David from Muckleford, Victoria writes:

"Hi Terry,

I rec’d my Weed Razer & Rake yesterday…thanks.

Although I’ve only done about 10% of my dam which is about 30 x 60 metres both items are absolutely amazing. I’m also impressed with the quality. I didn’t realise that the product, although made in Taiwan, comes from a company in Minnesota in the USA. Having visited that State about 40 times in my working life & which is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”……well of course, they'd know that decent products are needed to cope with weeds in fresh water dams & lakes.

Thanks & best wishes,

David, Muckleford. Vic."

So here's a video of the Aquatic Weed Razer in action. With extremely sharp blades, this lightweight tool slices through the toughest aquatic vegetation. See how simple and easy it is to use and place your order with us at TODAY!



Aquatain Mosquito Liquid Killer 500mL
Aquatain AMF Mosquito Killer   $52.15

Aquatic Clear Dam 1L
Aquatic Clear Dam  $34.60

Mobitrac the star performer at the Christchurch Fishing Competition

Our reseller in New Zealand was kept busy clearing aquatic weed for the Christchurch Fishing Competition! (Courtesy 1 NEWS NZL)


Mobitrac Amphibious Harvester's have arrived

Mobitrac Australia - Amphibious Harvester Parts. Mobitrac Australia takes delivery of 2 New machines ready for delivery. Watch as our operator manoeuvres parts.

Mobitrac Amphibious Harvesters
Watch a display video of our 2 New Mobitrac's

Super Jimmy Fountain Installed

Aquatic Technology introduce their New Super Jimmy 2HP Display Fountain
Fountains Australia a division of Aquatic Technologies present our range of Aqua Control display fountains made in USA. Whether you have a small pond, dam or a large lake, we have a wide range of fountains that are easy DIY installation, robust, reliable, low power consumption with a high spray pattern.

 Aquatci Technologies Super Jimmy display aeration fountain
Watch the display video of our latest installation fountain 'The Super Jimmy'.

Parachute Skimmer is excellent!!!

"I live in Wodonga township on one acre (half Ha) tha has an original farm dam (before the land was subdivided).

The dam has Ferny Azolla, which I am quite happy about as the ducks (wood ducks, teal, black ducks and grebes too) like it and I have been harvesting it for a couple of years to add as fertiliser for my veggie patch

I had tried various harvesting methods, and last year devised something like your skimmer, using a couple of foam pool noodles, some bird netting and steel cable (as the weight) was moderately successful, but still reasonable hard work. It really just worked look a boom that would corral the weed as a towed it (behind my row boat) around in a semi circle. Then I used a plastic garden rake to scoop out the weed as I pulled the boom to the edge.

Your skimmer is excellent and SO much more efficient and easy to use. Have attached a photo for you. Only took about 15 minutes to gather this up. Get really stuck into it today.

Also, your delivery was amazingly quick. I buy a lot of stuff on line and was expecting to wait a week.

I am a newish member of our local urban landcare group and interested in things native (birds, plants etc).

At our AGM last night I was discussing Ferny Azolla with one of our resident water plant experts and we both said we are amazed this year that the azolla in various water ways (including my dam) has survived over the winter. usually the frost kill it off and this year we have had quite sever frosts (compared to last 10 years)."


Azolla removal with Aquatic technologies Skimmer
Gary shows success at his dam using our Azolla Skimmer.


Aquatic Technologies the water specialists

Aquatic Technologies the aquatic weed specialists

Aquatic Technologies we know water

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Floating Attached Roots are attached to substrate. Stems, leaves or flowers may/may not be above water’s surface.
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Algae No distinguishable roots, stems or leaves.
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