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Insect Control

Inland water bodies can become ideal breeding grounds for a number of insects. The two most abundant of these are Mosquitoes and Midges. When these water bodies are located near residential areas then issues can arise. The team at Aquatic can conduct counts for various insects (either as part of a Management Plan or standalone) to make a predictive model as to the number of emerging pests.

If these insects need controlling then Aquatic has a number of control methods to both combat and eradicate these pests. Like all Aquatic solutions they can be run singularly or as a combination.

Light Traps

These are standalone solar powered traps that attract and kill flying Mosquitoes and Midge. These units can trap up 100kg of flying insects a night. They are usually strategically placed between the water body and the residential area to provide a barrier for insects.

Chemical Control

In some situations the water itself needs to be treated to eradicate insects. The Aquatic team has trained and Licensed Pest Controllers to advise and conduct any or all of the required treatments.

Aquatain AMF Mosquito Killer
control film for use in any standing water where water pools & mosquitos breed, such as:

  • water tanks
  • guttering
  • pit drains
  • blocked drains
  • ponds
  • dams
  • pot plants

AMF Aquatian for Mosquitoes


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