Aquatic Blue Eco 20L

Aquatic Blue Eco - Colourant for lakes, ponds, dams, fountains & water features.

Aquatic Blue Eco is the professional way to bring a natural blue appearance back to your lake, pond, dam, fountain, water feature and other water bodies. It is odorless, safe and provides an attractive, beautifying effect to natural or man-made lakes, ponds, dams, fountains, water features and other water bodies.

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Aquatic Blue Eco is a highly concentrated blend of colorants to color lakes, ponds, dams, fountains, water features and other water bodies, with a vibrant natural blue look, that is aesthetically pleasing.

Aquatic Blue Eco is formulated with dispersants which cause the dye to be distributed uniformly throughout the water body, therefore the color is deeper, the effect occurs much quicker and the longevity is enhanced. Reactants in Aquatic Blue Eco keeps the colour in suspension and prevents the dye particles from sinking to the bottom of the water body, resulting in increased depth of colour and longevity.

SAFE: Aquatic Blue Eco is harmless to fish and wildlife, pets, humans and the environment. It is safe to add to water used for irrigation and swimming water when used as directed.

COMPATIBLE: Aquatic Blue is compatible with chelated copper algaecides, such as Coptrol and most other chemicals used in the aquatic environment.

Aquatic Blue Eco is one of the longest lasting products of its type on the market. As a colourant it can be re applied as required to maintain your desired look.

Aquatic Blue Eco can be applied at greater application frequencies, to obtain your desired look and colour.

Aquatic Blue Eco is a higly concentrated blend. Dilute with water at a ratio of 1 part Aquatic Blue Eco to 10 parts water and spray or pour evenly around the lake, dam, pond, fountain or water feature.

Application rates:
As a colourant to improve the appearance of lakes, ponds, dams, fountains, water features and other water bodies.

For small ponds and fountains: 
Apply 1mL Aquatic Blue Eco per 1,000L of water or until you reach your desired look & colour.

For lakes, large ponds and Dams:
Apply 1L of Aquatic Blue Eco per 1,200 sqms of water surface area with an average depth of 1.4m or until you reach your desired look & colour.

Aquatic Blue Features and Benefits:

  • Long-lasting natural blue color
  • Easy to use
  • Highly concentrated
  • Harmless to fish and wildlife
  • Anti foaming agent, ideal for fountains and water features

To see the effects of adding Aquatic Blue Eco to your Pond, Dam or Lake, please skip to 1:01 in this video: 

View footage of Aquatic Blue Eco in Situ

image of Aquatic Blue Eco 20L
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