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Aquatic Weed Harvesting

Aquatic Site Maintenance Pty Ltd offers a broad range of contract services in the removal of aquatic vegetation from all types of waterways, using proven, effective and efficient removal methods that are environmentally safe.

Aquatic Site Maintenance specialise in providing advice on managing waterway issues and the provision of aquatic maintenance and contracting services and activities including:

  • Aquatic plant and weed harvesting services. (Collection, Removal & Containment.)
  • Algae removal services.

Aquatic Site Maintenance can meet whatever aquatic issues you may encounter. With trained professional staff and specialised equipment, including aquatic weed harvesters, algae skimming and removal boats, Aquatic Site Maintenance can provide total contract maintenance solutions.

Our fleet of boats, aquatic weed harvesters and support equipment, including boat to shore transfer conveyers are the latest in harvesting technology and boasts the newest fleet of harvesters and equipment in Australia.

Mechanical removal (harvesting) to control aquatic weeds is our preferred approach to solving most aquatic problems where the water environment is in contact with humans, live stock, is used for irrigation and in the protection of desirable aquatic flora and fauna.

Aquatic 4 harvester

Our fleet consists of large aquatic harvesters ranging from our 10 metre (31 foot), Aquatic 4 harvester to our smaller 5 metre Aquatic 2 & 3 harvester and our smallest 3m Aquatic 5 algae skimmer.

Aquatic 2 Harvester
Boat to shore transfer

Whatever your aquatic vegetation problem, contact the staff at Aquatic Site Maintenance for the right advice.

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