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Aquatic Algae Control

Algae is a quick growing, potentially harmful growth that can quickly lead to blocked waterways, unsightly odours and unhealthy eco systems.

Aquatic Site Maintenance offers a number of services to eradicate Algae. Each issue is analysed to determine the best eradication method. This can involve Conventional Harvesting, Chemical Control and other control methods. These methods can be used singularly or as a combination.


There are two basic groups of aquatic algae:

Filamentous Algae - This type of algae begins its life growing on the bottom of the waterway and as they grow, they produce oxygen which gives them buoyancy to elevate them to the water's surface. This form of algae grows together as fibron threads and is often slimy and cotton wool like in appearance and texture.

Planktonic Algae - Grows close to the surface of the water and are microscopic plants. These can often give off an odour and be toxic to humans, livestock, flora and fauna.


In extreme Algae blooms the mass groups together into a floating dense mat that quickly takes over the waterway. Aquatic Site Maintenance has a number of vessels that can remove these dense mats from the waterway with minimal disturbance to the system. All vessels and staff meet stringent Marine Safety Victoria standards.


Aquatic Site Maintenance have trained and DPI qualified staff to be able to algacide eradicate Algae. Whist our preferred method is Conventional Harvesting sometimes other factors make algacide treatment the most viable option. We are distributers of Coptrol Algaecide. Coptrol eradicates algae in the water and nothing else. It does not harm fish, birds or any aquatic fauna.


We at Aquatic Site Maintenance are constantly updating our repertoire of methods to control Algae in line with the latest advances. We are a distributor of Ultra-Sonic Algae Control devices that introduce a sound wave into the water system to prevent Algae from growing. These can be installed on a short to long term basis and require little maintenance.

In low level Algae blooms it may simply require some strategic planting, water traps or inflow control to eradicate the Algae.

Whatever Algae problem the team at Aquatic Site Maintenance can engineer a solution.

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