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Aquatic Plant & Weed Control > Jenson Lake Mower™ HD5000

Control aquatic plants and weeds with our boat mounted heavy duty (commercial grade) cutter. Ideal for clearing larger ponds and lagoons. 


  • Up to 7 hours of operation per charge for the HD5000
  • Cut Depth-stop collar adjusts for varying depths, from 0 to almost 1 metre. Optional 60cm and 120cm extenders are available.
  • Light-weight design: Weighs 20.4kg.
  • Quick disconnect allows easy "fold-up" for compact storage or easy transportation.
  • Special low power consumption, high efficiency motors.
  • Robust aluminium and stainless steel construction, for long life.
  • Self-sharpening cutting blades are made of heavy duty specialty steel.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket fits the Lake Mower™ to the side, transom, or front of almost any small boat.
  • Tiller handle with safety on/off switch (height adjustable).
  • Custom bearing blocks, promoting smooth operation.
  • Compact drive system.
  • Warranty is NOT voided when used commercially (except for rentals).
  • For heavy duty cattails , cumbungi, bulrushes, and dense lily pads we suggest the Jenson Lake Mower™ HD5000.

It is recommended that this product be used in conjunction with the Jenson Rake™.

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