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Buy Coptrol Now

COPTROL is a new generation solution to an eternal problem - algae in water. Coptrol kills algae and nothing else.

COPTROL kills algae and nothing else:

  • It does not harm fish
  • It is completely safe for stock and wildlife
  • It will not harm plants, pastures or turf
  • It is completely safe when used in human drinking water.
  • It will not build up in the soil
  • It will not harm ornamental plants growing in dams, ponds or golf courses.
  • It works in all kinds of water, hard or soft, salt or fresh, turbid or clear
  • It will clear up existing algae and prevent future growth, keeping water clear and bright.

COPTROL can be used wherever algae pose a problem or cause a nuisance:

  • Golf Courses
  • Nurseries / Gardens
  • CoptrolWaterway and irrigation canals
  • Flood irrigation bays
  • Farm dams
  • Ornamental Ponds
  • Lakes

COPTROL can be applied easily by yourself or with the assistance of the staff at Aquatic Site Maintenance. Contact us for more information.

Coptrol Coptrol Brochure


Coptrol SDS for Coptrol


Buy Coptrol Now

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